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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sketches from my Moleskine

Here are a series of sketches scanned from my moleskin book. I did these while I was traveling through asia a month ago. I would start these with little or absolutely no intention at all except to illustrate whatever came to be presented in my imagination. If I saw a robot, I would draw it. If I saw my little pony, yeah I would draw that too. In a dimly lit room, I would close my eyes and wait until I could see a visual in all the darkness. The first image that appeared, I would then draw and record it. Then I would move to the next frame. Each frame was created without attachment to the previous or in anticipation of the next. What occured here was a sequence that created itself, or cocreated with me. This is a great exercise in letting go, and just going with the flow. You may be pleasantly surprised as I was. Try it!

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