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Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Wire: Lead Temple

FYI I just started a new blog with a few friends. The blog is for fun. Drawing our favorite tv shows, movies and net celebs...
you can find the blog here
but here's another sketch

"Where's Walace at? Where the boy Straight?"

Man I watched the first season of the Wire.. what a awesome series.
D'angelo and Wallace... easily my 2 favorite characters.
For this drawing I didn't exagerate this one as much as my last sketch.
But I had fun drawing D'angelo

Afro Ninja

First time I saw the afro ninja video I died laughing so hard. I showed it to my buddy Ted... and we died laughing. We go back to work... and then we would snicker some more (we were watching it again at our desks). I can't count how many times I've watched this and I never get tired of laughing from it.

So Afro Ninja, if you're reading this. This is dedicated to you.

Afro Ninja

The Full Uncut Version.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

street fighter tribute Udon.

I was notified today, that my entry for the Udon Street Fighter Tribute book was accepted. I'm pretty excited, and honoured. I'm looking forward to see the other entrees. I was also very happy to hear that my good friend Ted Kim of has also had been accepted!

although I can't post the final art piece (Udon requested all accepted entrees to not post final work).
so I thought I post one of the studies I did for Blanka's face (really rough)