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Sunday, January 6, 2008

some more stuff

Another work in Progress for Valentines.
you can also see it on Moji! I'll have a wallpaper version at somepoint soon.
Why so early? Well the xmas card was really a last minute thing. I pulled that out of my ASS so to speak...
So I figure I should start at least a bit early this time.

Work in progress. For a Pitch for the LA Galaxy (soccer)
COZMO the Alien. (I herd he's no longer being used as a mascot?? I have no idea)
Shrug, just to let you know.. I'm not a soccer fan. And yes I know David Beckham is on this team.. what do I say about it? Whoooppppp deee do dah.
But I will say I'm having fun with this pic.

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